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durham_knits ([personal profile] durham_knits) wrote2010-02-18 03:53 pm

Recent Projects

Now that the birthday in question is past, I can finally post a picture of the purse I made for my sister!


The outside is machine quilted by yours truly and, though I didn't take a picture of the inside, it's a deep brown fabric with little swirlies on it. The teal outer is topstitched and quilted with brown thread that matches the interior fabric. Best of all, I did it with no pattern! I'm super proud of my first patternless sewing (even if I DID base the basic shape off of a bag I saw at the store).

And then there's something I'm almost as proud of...


My fair isle gloves! The pattern, which can be found on Ravelry, is the Ruba'iyat mitten by Heather Desserud. It's a fabulous Scandanavian-style mitten construction using an Arab-style geometric pattern on the backs. I knit them in possum yarn and they are absolutely the warmest things ever. I'm in love. I think there will be a matching hat.

In other news... t-5 weeks until the little man's due date. Must finish his sweater, and fast.

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